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January 24, 2020

Rwanda Isimbi

Rwanda keeps popping up on ‘Top Places to Travel’ lists—based on this coffee, it’s easy to understand why. This Rainforest Alliance certified coffee grows at high altitude overlooking Lake Kivu.…
student researchers in front of a coffee roasterEducationNews
November 15, 2019

Smarter Coffee

UC Davis is home to the nation’s first coffee science research center and is making sure that the hard work that goes in to growing great coffee is fully expressed…
September 13, 2019

semi-washed, completely tasty

If you’ve been with us a while, you already know that our beloved coffee beans are the seeds of the coffee cherry. We’ve explored the washed and natural methods used…


🐸 Ain’t frogs adorable? 🐸

Today marks 🌎 World 🐸 Frog 🗓️ Day!

These little critters have adorned the �Rainforest Alliance logo for many �years. Rainforest Alliance is a �#sustainablecoffee program that �contributes towards a better future for �coffee communities and their �environments. At #ecogrounds, we are definitely up for that and are proud �to support their efforts through our �purchases of Rainforest Alliance �certified coffees available at ecogrounds.com.


Celebrate 🦜🦍 #WorldWildlifeDay🐆🐘 on Wednesday, March 3! Proclaimed by the #UnitedNations General Assembly, the day is meant to celebrate and raise awareness of the world's wild fauna and flora. The theme for 2021 is, "Forests and Livelihoods: Sustaining People and Planet".
ecogrounds is celebrating the day to raise awareness of the importance of protecting endangered wildlife though the preservation of natural habitats where coffee is grown. The little critter featured in our illustration called a sloth— a sluggish tree-dweller native to Central and South America rainforests.

ecogrounds supports Rainforest Alliance which helps coffee growers sustain the wildlife and ecosystem around their communities.


These are the hands of Brendan McDonnell, our CEO, while visiting @henryheuck @ramacafe some time ago. Covid has unfortunately put a stop to travel of all kinds, but @Ramacafe and Matagalpa are never far from our hearts.💚 ...

Show our planet lots of love this #earthday!!
We celebrate earth day every day as we focus on leading coffee to a more sustainable future.

Coffee and Cacao both grow best in the equatorial tropics. No wonder they’re such great friends!
#ecogrounds mochas are always made with #singleorigin @rainforestalliance certified #cocoa

Love is coffee in bed. Stay in and indulge a little longer.
#ecogrounds #coffee #valentines #coffeeinbed

Tropical rainforest, or coffee farm? It’s BOTH!
Agroforestry means growing crops under the canopy of rainforest. Not only does this preserve rainforest ecosystems, it also creates economic opportunity for the people lucky enough to call paradise home.
Bonus! Coffee grown this way is extra delicious.
#ecogrounds #agroforestry #sustainablecoffee #rainforestalliance #coffee

Maybe we’re biased, but it seems like the most beautiful coffees grow in the most beautiful places. Like our limited edition #Rwanda Isimbi which grows high above #lakekivu
Enjoy this limited edition coffee now, because this beauty is fleeting.
📸by: @uncornered_market ......☕️.....
#ecogrounds #coffee @rainforestalliance #sustainablecoffee

Does your Tuesday have that Monday feeling? A little #electricespresso will get you started with bright apple and cherry notes.
#ecogrounds #coffee #rainforestalliance #espresso