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What is washed coffee, and how is it different from the natural and semi-washed coffees we offer? While all our coffee is squeaky clean, our washed coffees have the cleanest and brightest flavors.

When we talk about washed coffees, we are describing how the fruit of the coffee cherry is removed from the seeds (aka the beans). That’s right, coffee is the seed of a fruit, and there is more than one way to remove the fruit and develop flavor.

The most important work happens on the tree, waiting for the cherries to turn perfectly ripe red. Ripe cherries have denser beans and sweeter flavors. Once the cherries are harvested, they are placed in water for sorting. Ripe cherries sink, while underdeveloped cherries float. These beans are skimmed from the top and turned into compost, never becoming a cup of ecogrounds coffee.

After sorting, the cherries are pulped (or gently squished) to remove the skin and protective mucilage. These beans are then transferred to a fermentation tank, where the remaining fruit dissolves and flavors develop. This can take from 12-72 hours.

After a luxurious fermentation bath, the beans are dried, sorted by size, and packed in jute for their long journey to our roastery.

We love washed coffees for their zesty acidy and clean finish.

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