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Coffee Cherries Ggowing

The only thing more beautiful than the coffee from Finca Pacayal is the region it grows in. Pacayal grows in the Atitlan region of Guatemala, in soils nourished by the Atitlan and Acatenango volcanos. The views are simply delicious.

This is a Rainforest Alliance certified coffee, which means that the farmers have met rigorous standards for environmental, social, and economic standards. Beyond meeting these standards and protecting the rainforest, Finca Pacayal is actively REFORESTING their farms with native trees! This creates habitats for migratory birds and provides shade to produce this delightful coffee.

Guatemala Pacayal is light roasted and medium bodied. Sweetness and acidity are perfectly balanced and notes of strawberry sparkle in the cup. Enjoy this in ecogrounds cafes now, because this coffee is like a warm summer breeze, meant to be enjoyed while it lasts.