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What is natural coffee, and does it mean that other coffees are unnatural?

To understand natural processed coffees, you have to wonder about how the beautiful roasty brown beans we grind and brew get to look the way they do. For starters, coffee begins its life as a green-colored seed inside a coffee cherry. Once ripe, our farmer partners pick the cherries by hand before the green coffee seeds “aka beans” are removed.

There’s more than one way to get these beans ready for roasting.  While all coffee is a natural food product, only coffee beans that ferment inside the cherry are called naturally processed. Naturally processed coffee cherries are placed on a patio or raised bed to dry. As the fruit dries, the juices ferment and add depth and flavor to the coffee beans. Once they are completely dry, the husks of the coffee cherry are removed, and the beans are ready for their journey to our roastery.

We love natural processed coffees for their fruity and unexpected flavors.

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