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Ever get that feeling of déjà vu? We do again and again, especially when we’re handling boxes of ecogrounds coffee. What do these boxes have to do with déjà vu? They are part of ecogrounds’ circularity ethos.

Circularity is the belief that products should be designed to minimize waste and maximize resources. And we agree. That’s why when you order ecogrounds coffee, we ship it in a 100% post-consumer fiber box. That means it’s recycled. In fact, there’s a chance that recycled box may have been in our roastery in its previous life. We collect all the cardboard that comes into our facility and sell it to a cardboard box manufacturer.  They then use that box to create new boxes, and the circular system continues. So, when you order ecogrounds coffee, you might be getting a taste of déjà vu.

Fun fact: Paper fibers can be recycled between four and seven times and are compostable into soil at their end of use.

What goes around really comes around at ecogrounds.

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