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student researchers in front of a coffee roaster

UC Davis is home to the nation’s first coffee science research center and is making sure that the hard work that goes in to growing great coffee is fully expressed in the roasting and brewing processes. Just like ecogrounds. That’s why we are proud to partner with UC Davis by funding student research scholarships and operations at the Coffee Science Center.

We invited three student researchers to tour our roasting plant, learn about our roasting philosophy, and share their research. Reece Guyon compared several SCA certified home brewers for their consistency in temperature and extraction and how these variables impact brewed coffee’s flavor. Ashley Thompson measured the impression of acidity in cold brew coffee. Joe Chan shared findings on how the grind size, filter basket shape, and roast level impact the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and pH. This research was published by the Specialty Coffee Association, here.

It was super sciency and specific, and it turns out very small variables make a huge impact on the taste of your coffee.

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