ecogrounds satisfies your uncompromising taste and thirst for a better world

at ecogrounds, sustainability is more than the labels we wear.

For many years, any coffee company buying certified beans could call itself sustainable or green. Sourcing certified beans is the right thing to do. It’s also the easy thing.

For over a decade we’ve dug deeper and pushed harder to make the coffee industry as sustainable as possible. We started with certified coffees. Then we asked if our cafes could be built with recyclable or renewable materials. They could! And it didn’t cost more than conventional materials. This started our habit of asking how every aspect of our business could be greener, cleaner, and fairer.

taste is the most important quality in our sourcing philosophy.

Our mission is leading coffee to a more sustainable future, but it’s hard to get started without a great cup of coffee to keep us moving.

while flavor is always first, we do have a few non-negotiable purchasing standards.
Always certified

100% of our coffees are Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade, and/or Organic certified. Our direct trade coffees are also certified. 

Always fair

Our farmer partners love growing coffee. They take pride in beautiful crops and share our passion for constant improvement. We pay above Fair Trade prices to ensure they thrive in their work and continue to grow the best coffees.

Always traceable

We know where our coffee is grown and served. We know the people who make our business possible. Our purchasing includes funding for community development so that our coffee makes life better where it’s grown and where it’s enjoyed.

coffee bags

Most coffee bags are made of polyester, foil, and plastic. These materials are great at keeping coffee fresh—so great that the bags will be here for hundreds of years after all the beans are brewed.

Our coffee bags are funny looking. At least from the back. ecogrounds is the first to include return shipping on our coffee bags, creating a truly recyclable package that protects the quality of our carefully sourced and roasted beans.

While the materials we use are commonly recyclable, your local facility is not trained to look for our bags. If they can’t recycle these bags, we will. Fold the bag, tape it shut and drop it in the mail. We send it on to a new purpose, becoming something like a bike rack or playground.

beyond coffee

Our coffee quality is matched by the ingredients we pair with it. And the cups we serve it in. 

Our tea is always organic certified. Our chocolate is Rainforest Alliance certified. We use better ingredients, because things like high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, and food dyes belong in labs, not in our cups.

 The ceramic mugs we use in our cafes encourage you to slow down and savor your coffee with us. But if you decide to take your coffee to go, we won’t take it personally. Our take-away hot cups are compostable and made of rapidly renewable fibers, so you can enjoy all the taste without waste.