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Vietnamese Style Coconut Cold Brew


This recipe is inspired by the Vietnamese bakeries and cafes in Westminster, California. You could argue it’s really a Southern California iced coffee recipe, but with a drink this delicious, we’ll save the arguments for who gets seconds.

The traditional version of this drink is made with fantastically strong hot coffee, served over ice, and mixed with sweetened condensed milk.

The ecogrounds version delivers the strength and sweetness that inspired us, but features a lighter body, smoother coffee, and the toasty goodness of sweetened, condensed coconut milk.  We chose Honduras Highlands for its depth and roastiness.



6 oz (170 g) course ground coffee

34 oz (1 L) cold filtered water

sweetened condensed coconut milk

12 cup coffee press


to brew: Place coarsely ground coffee in coffee press. Cover with cold, filtered water and steep in the refrigerator. After 10-12 hours, press the coffee and transfer cold brew to a pitcher.

to serve: Pour cold brew over ice and top with 3 tablespoons of sweetened, condensed coconut milk.


The remaining cold brew can be stored in the fridge for up to five days. You can also make it in bulk by mixing all the cold brew, approximately 750 ml, with 4 ounces sweetened, condensed coconut milk. Stir well before serving as the coconut settles to the bottom.

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